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for your team and department. 

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Specialized Recruiters

Sourcers / Researchers

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Recruiting Coordinators

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RPO.AI will help you quickly fill roles that help you hire the team members you need across many departments.  Whether you need Software Engineers with AI experience or, experts in Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Finance, or Product – RPO.AI has you covered.

Augmented HR Services

HR / People Recruiters

Recruiting for Recruiters. Need to build out your internal talent team or hire a contract recruiter or sourcer to help fill the gaps? We know people.

Streamlined Recruitment Strategies

Sales Recruiters

Hire sales professionals who sell. Roles like Senior Account Executives, Head of Business Development, Customer Success Manager. Let’s build that team and hit sales goals.

Augmented Hiring Process

Marketing Recruiters

Hire expert Marketers fast. Need contract for full-time Marketers who can help with growth or going to market. Roles like Content Writer, Growth Marketer, VP of Digital Marketing, and more.

Smart Recruitment Technology

Tech Recruiters

Hire top technical talent and win in this competitive market. Roles like Senior AI Engineers, Senior Backend Engineers, Data Scientists, Head of Machine Learning, etc. We have you covered.

Outsourced Recruitment Specialists

Finance Recruiters

Hire talent across finance and accounting. Roles like CFO, Director of Finance, Controller, Senior Accountant, or Financial Analyst. Hire Finance professionals now.

Automated Recruitment Services

Product Recruiters

Hire Product Leaders to build out your vision. Roles like Director of Product, Senior Product Manager, Group Product Manager, Senior UX Designer. Start building products.

Augmented HR Services

Healthcare Recruiters

Hiring in the medical field is hard. Start hiring healthcare professionals proactively. Roles like registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, healthcare IT, or private caregivers.

Streamlined Recruitment Strategies

Manufacturing Recruiters

Hire top Manufacturing talent in your area. 

Roles like Circuit Designer, Senior Electrical Engineer, Electrical Power Engineer, VP of Manufactuing.

Augmented Hiring Process

High Volume Recruiters

Constantly hire the workforce you need

Roles like warehouse worker. Let’s strategize and fill those high level of vacancies or roles with constant turnover. 

Smart Recruitment Technology

Fractional Recruiters

Hire part-time or full-time contract recruiters who can fill in the gaps when your team needs additional support.

Outsourced Recruitment Specialists

Head of Talent

Hire a Talent leader  that can lead recruitment strategy for your company.

Automated Recruitment Services

Sourcer / Talent Researcher

Hire expert Sourcers specialized in their field to research and engage diverse passive talent.

* Metrics like: 

“2 recruiters and 5 sourcers augmenting our internal HR team within a week.”

“5 Senior AI Engineers hired in 1.5 Months”

“20 Software Engineers hired in 4 months”

“100+ roles filled across executive, tech, sales, marketing, hr, and operations in 8 months across North America and APAC.”


Solutions, tools & guidance to meet your global hiring needs

From sourcing, recruiting, talent acquisition strategy, EOR, global payroll, hiring and onboarding contractors or employees, we have you covered.